Date de publication : Sep 16, 2016 12:12:57 PM

September 22nd 2016, marks a milestone in our entrepreneurial journey with Lebanon: Techstars, the world’s largest accelerator, is coming to Beirut to mentor our young entrepreneurs and connect them to investors and influencers.

AltCity has joined forces withTechstars, Smart ESA, Torch, UNICEF, Berytech, several syndicates, and over 50+ partners from the Lebanese startup ecosystem to bring the first-of-its kind educational forum on early stage startups and innovation.

Over 50 CEOs, innovators, and visionary leaders from 12 countries will assemble at ESA (Ecole Superieure des Affaires) in Clemenceau, Beirut, on the 22nd of September to take part in the first ever LAUNCH Summit for early-stage innovation.

500+ students, professionals, and entrepreneurs looking to disrupt their industries will have the chance to learn firsthand from the industry’s most elite and successful tech pioneers.

LAUNCH Summit” aims to introduce early-stage innovations and breakthrough technologies to both students and professionals. We have created a complete road map to guide our future innovators and teach them the major “DO's and “DON'Ts” when starting a business and venturing on their own.

After all, it is only the people who dare to venture beyond the ordinary, who can change the world.

Most importantly, we believe universities are THE key players that shape young people’s minds. We have special sessions designed to help university faculty, staff, administrators, and student leaders build the culture of innovation on their campuses. Additionally, thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and partners, we are offering 30 FREE tickets to each campus for the following attendees:

  • 10 Students

  • 10 Alumni

  • 10 Faculty/Staff Members

To get access to these tickets, please forward this invitation to your students and faculty members.

Any students or faculty members beyond this amount will receive a 75% discount through a special registration form that we will send to them.

Please forward this email to all faculty and staff on your campus. Additionally, in the link below is an email template for you to share with your students for them to take advantage of this special registration offer:

Your support and contribution spreading the word is highly valued.

You can check out the event details, agenda and speakers here.

Best wishes,

David Munir Nabti

CEO, AltCity; GM, Bootcamp

Co-Founder of the StartupCampus Initiative